Learning Agreement Erasmus Unige

2018/19). The list of participants, the location of activated courses and the departure dates are available exclusively online on the Erasmus+ mobility site for traineeships. Universities, companies, training centres, research centres or other organisations. The duration of the internship must be covered by an agreement signed on time by the student and the University of Genoa. At the time of signing the Higher Education/Student Agreement, all Erasmus+ students must be in possession of an apprenticeship contract signed by them, the University of Genoa and the host institution. D The Office will review the Erasmus mobility periods already completed in order to verify the remaining period that each winner will receive regardless of the duration of the grant. It should be remembered that Erasmus+ mobility is possible for the purposes of studies and traineeships of up to 12 months per course (e.g.B. 7 months of mobility for study purposes and 5 months for internships can be carried out in a course). In the case of a single cycle (for example. B medicine and surgery), the maximum number of months is 24. N.B. Candidates must carefully check, in the corresponding educational institution, whether the conditions and conditions of each activity are met.

Erasmus+ mobility for traineeships provides for the possibility for students and graduates to carry out an internship in public or private companies, as well as in training and research centres (excluding European institutions or organisations implementing European programmes) in one of the Programme Countries. The Erasmus+ student has the opportunity to acquire specific skills and a better understanding of the socio-economic culture of the host country, by supporting preparation or training courses in the language of the host country (or in the working language). Students of the University of Genoa who are enrolled within 12 months of the end of the bachelor`s degree, masters, doctorates or postgraduate schools can participate….