Jackson Memorial Hospital Collective Bargaining Agreement

I thank the members of our bargaining team for all their hard work to ensure that we got a contract that was the best for our membership! New contract books will be available soon. These are strong contracts that involve salary increases for all, no increases for Jackson First and very affordable premiums for other insurance plans during the term of the agreement and a large number of contract improvements. The financial benefits are remarkable, especially considering that the county offers no adjustment of the cost of living or (COLA). Despite this challenge, your bargaining team was able to guarantee wage increases in one of three ways: market adjustments, which vary between 3% and double digits for certain job categories, additional steps for other job classes, or a 2% adjustment at the base for all other job classes that do not benefit from market adjustment or steps at the top. There is one follow-up stage for 291 employees who missed two stages during the recession, who were hired before 2010 and who remained in the same professional ranking. Nurses` 0-hour employee payments increase to 37/40 $US of the hour, which are paid retroactively until October 1, 2106. We also saved an hour and a half for professional days that work on vacation – just like RNs. Fee compensation will be increased to 2.50 $US per hour and a new bonus of $5 per hour for periods of occupancy of emerging nurses, as defined by management, will be applied after ratification. These are just a few of the reasons why this contract benefits you and your family.

For more information, see the summary below or read the full contract on our website. We were able to oppose the management`s initiative for significant changes in holiday and holiday practices. As a result, there will be few changes. They still have several quality and affordable health insurance plans. No change for Jackson First. , but soaring health care costs have led to nominal increases for some plans. However, the bargaining team kept the premium increases low and extended the HMO High/Standard option for another year. A new wellness program rewards you for adopting healthy habits. As a union, we work to build public and political support for the essential services we provide at the Jackson Memorial, which protect our families and make our communities strong. AfsCME is the union that honors solidarity without conformity and integrates the history of each member into a force of experience and commitment that cannot be ignored.

This is how we earn a better life for ourselves, for our families and for our communities. For people who are proud of the public service, we never give up. Everyone has something in this contract, including part-time and day workers, who will benefit from the new language of conversion. There are other improvements that help protect members and give professionals more publishing time. American communities never rest. Jackson Memorial doesn`t walk alone. Families need care in clean, safe and well-managed facilities. That`s why the people who work in the public service at The Jackson Memorial never stop. It`s not just a job. It is a vocation. Work is important because it means something to make a community better. Your treaty has been ratified! All three contracts have been approved by our members, the Public Health Trust and the Miami-Dade County Commissioners Council.

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