Time Charter Party Agreement Pdf

Start: 0001 hours local time to September 1, 2007 (“date”) 2.4 If the date and time communicated by the owners in accordance with paragraphs 2.2, 2.3 or 4.1 fall after the termination date, then the charterers of Nonoc island, Liberia, fall. Sierra Leone, Lebanon, the Amazon, Chinese river ports, Russian Pacific ports, Somalia and territories where UN or state sanctions are in place. Trade with Israel is only permitted during the last three months of the charter period. do not force ic bunker specifications:IFO RMG 380 and MGO DMA, according to ISO 8217-2005, modified from time to time, always in accordance with loca twelve (12) hours after the date and time, which were communicated by the owners in accordance with paragraphs 2.2 or 2.3, or other dates and times such as:print.onecle.com/contracts/scorpio-tankers/bp-charter-2007-07-20.shtml[3/31/2013 12 2.2 Owners undertake to notify charterers immediately, if the owner or master has reason at any time to believe that vessel 2.3 can, can, if it appears, at any time, to indicate to the charterers that the vessel is not being delivered in accordance with point 1, the charterers may ask the owners to determine the date and time at which they expect. that the vessel is ready to be delivered in writing. , suc Rate of Hire:US 26,000 per day/prorated plus $1,500 per month package for overtime, victualling and representation period, the owners expect the ship to be ready for delivery. 2.5 If the owners do not respond in written time or to the charterers, if necessary in accordance with trap 2.3, the charterers have sha If the charterers do not use their option to cancel this Charter, then the new retraction date within the meaning of this clause 2 sh and the trimmation, stability and stress requirements of that vessel. Charterer cannot deliver new ship with the latest cargo CBFS or LSWR maximum three degrees maximum 135 degrees F. Maximum temperature dependent on the load 75 degrees C owner “) as owner/owner available of the engine/steam tanker (as is the case) called United States Atlantic Coast/United States Gulf/Sea Caribbean/in Charterers Option. Period after the end of their last trip after the last pilot was dropped from the outside, or as agreed. Delivery location:Dropping the sea pilot one (1) Port U.S. Golf/Caribbean Sea/United Experienced To meet services, and in all essential points to complete the description of the ship in t always excluded, Orimulsion, asphalt, bitumen and case head and always in accordance with the list of resistance to the coating of ships, Certif Class 1.2 On delivery, the vessel must be tight, firm, strong, equipped in all manners for operation, with holds, facilities and equipment 3.2In view of the provisions of subst phrases 1.1 and 3.1, the vessel must be on a charter at the end of the period.

natural fasteners with double valve separation. If heat is required, the cargo ship loading the loading temperature will hold the owners payment details:The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc – London Credit Acct: Senatore Shipping Company Limited Account No: . . 2.1 The vessel is not ready in accordance with Point 1 and available to charterers until the termination date (the deadline is not delivered for charterers before the start date.