Scooter Rental Agreement Philippines

Motorcycle rental, (additional helmet is charged P100/day); You can also buy a face mask from us or you can bring yours for the sanitary Q. My scooter, motorcycle/motorcycle, the car has been stolen now? 1) All units are maintained regularly and are in good working order when renting. In case of problems or breakdowns, please call our office and look for our equipment rental contract we are happy to release our free equipment rental contract and to benefit from a license to allow anyone to rent cars, motorcycles or bikes. 3. The following amount of the deposit has been set: ……… Mr. Czk. It is paid with the rental price (if the bike has been returned in perfect condition, the deposit is returned to the tenant). The deposit can be blocked on a credit card. 3) No sleeveless shirts (cut) when riding a motorcycle, scooters, motorcycles here in Angeles City (this law is strictly enforced). (2) The rental price of the motorcycles must be paid in cash and in advance.

With rents starting at 380 PHP, Book2Wheel is the cheapest rental service All our vehicles (car, van, scooter, motorcycle, motorcycle) have the ₱50,000 insurance needed for 3rd party damage. However, this is a small amount of insurance and pays nothing for the damage caused to the rented car, motorcycle, scooter, motorcycle or van, which (you) the tenant, if fully responsible according to the terms of the signed rental contract. Rental item The theme of the rental is a motorcycle. type…………………………………………………………………. License plates………………… (hereafter referred to as “rental object”). Accessories: A. Yes. You can have fun, but if you rent a motorcycle | Moto-| Self-| Scooter | Van — during the rental period (you), the tenant must keep his vehicle by the control: theft, road accident, crash 1. If the object of the lease is damaged (for example.

B by a road accident, an accident…), the tenant is obliged to inform the owner immediately, then the police of the Czech Republic, if the laws require it. 3) Enter P5,000 or P10,000 refundable deposit (depending on the bike rented). Pay the total amount of rent for the duration of the There are very rare rentals that you can provide with real motorcycles. Here are a few of them below. 2) If the agreed term of the long-term lease is not executed, the fee is charged regularly on a day-to-day basis. The contracting parties have set a rental price equal to CZK……………. The tenant accepts such a price. CZK 600, – is paid for each hour beginning at the expiration of the rental period. 1. The purpose of the lease is given to the tenant in perfect technical condition, including the environmental certificate, the green card and the key 3) The break time of the day is considered a full-day rental tax. Daily rent, based on the lowest value of the calculation.

If more than 100 kilometers above the limit, the fee includes 1 day and P20/additional kilometer for 1. Basic type of car insurance included in the rental price: – car liability insurance – mandatory liability insurance for damage caused by motor vehicles in accordance with the terms of the motor vehicle lease. The coverage limit is CZK 54,000,000 for health insurance and CZK3,000,000 for non-life insurance. – Hull insurance – will free you from financial liability for damage caused to a vehicle or its part. Their liability is limited to the “deduction” according to the category of the vehicle rented. – Insurance against vandalism and theft – will free you from financial liability in the event of loss of the vehicle or damage caused by theft, attempted theft or vandalism.