Sag Aftra Tv Animation Agreement

“This is a strong and forward-looking agreement with significant benefits for our members,” said Gabrielle Carteris, President of SAG-AFTRA. “It applies scalar wages to more productions, lowers budget thresholds for HBSVOD programs by half an hour, and provides additional funds for the use of interstical programs in new media.” “Building on our successful TV/theatre negotiations, the new animation contracts position members to increase the remnants of subscription streaming services – the area of greatest growth,” said Ray Rodriguez, Chief Contracts Officer of SAG-AFTRA. This means that 11-minute animated programs for subscription streaming services – a standard length for some shows – must pay a scale at a budget level of only $275,000. The new deal also includes a payout gain for interstitial bits – animated programs lasting less than two minutes – and increases the required cycle payments from 5.4% to 20% in exchange for the inclusion of new media as an approved exposure platform. The new three-year contract, which must be approved by the SAG-AFTRA Executive Committee, is retroactive to July 1 and runs until June 30, 2023. The performers` union said the terms of the agreement include the benefits in its recently ratified master`s contract for feature film and primetime TV. If approved by the committee, the agreement will be subject to ratification by the “relevant members” who collaborated on the treaty. The performers` union, SAG-AFTRA, has ratified a three-year television animation contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, with 87.68 per cent in favour and 12.32 per cent against. “The new formula was the main concession paid for the increase in streaming scraps, an exchange that positions sag-AFTRA animation players to increase their leftovers in the fastest growth of their work, while increasing the possibilities of animated programs in the Broadcast-Syndication, a declining market,” the union said. “The industry is changing and our contracts are changing,” said Ray Rodriguez, head of the contract union.

“Building on our successful TV/theatre negotiations, the new animation contracts position members to increase the residue of subscription streaming services, the area of the greatest growth.” Tv animation contracts expired on June 30, but were extended until July 30.