Master Service Agreement Bank

“Business Online Banking Service” refers to the Bank`s internet system for providing and trading electronic banking information, which the Bank may offer from time to time to its commercial, commercial, organizational or other non-consumer customers, and as described in a separate appendix to this agreement. 33.5.8 The client and any designated related organization recognize and accept that the client and each designated related entity are all responsible for verifying and understanding the negative effects on the client or a particular related entity that may result from this agreement or the allocation of these services to related businesses (e.g. B, loss of insurance coverage, increased liability for each other`s obligations or deeds in the event of insolvency or other unauthorized transactions). 15.6 The bank is not responsible for the client`s actions or omissions (including, but not only on the amount, accuracy, news of the transmission or correct authorization of an entry, transfer order or other customer instruction) or the acts or omissions of another person, including, but not limited to, an automated clearing house processor, a Federal Reserve bank, a financial institution or bank, a transmission or communication facility, a retained recipient or financial institution, including, but not limited to the return of a transfer order or payment provider, and no person is considered a representative of the bank. The bank is excused for not disclosing or delaying the transmission of an entry or transfer order if such transmission would result in the bank exceeding its position as an intraday fund, as defined by the Federal Reserve`s guidelines, or otherwise violating the determination of a Federal Reserve risk control program or a rule or other regulation of another U.S. government authority. Under no circumstances is the Bank liable for damages resulting from the Bank`s action or inaction and in accordance with the rules of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, circulars issued by a Federal Reserve Bank or general banking duties and the general use of the banking sector. To the extent required by current law, the bank will compensate the customer for the loss of interest on funds directly attributable to the bank`s failure to comply with these laws when executing electronic money transfers if such a failure was due to the control of the bank. 8.1 The client acknowledges that certain third parties, representatives or independent service providers (hereafter referred to as “third parties”) may, from time to time, provide services (“third party services”) to the bank in connection with the provision of services by the bank to the customer and that, therefore, the bank`s ability to provide the following services may depend on the availability of certain third-party services. Services provided by third parties may only include, for example, the processing and/or transmission of data, instructions (oral or written) and client funds. The customer agrees that the bank may disclose the customer`s financial information to these third parties (i) when it is necessary to provide the requested services; (ii) for compliance with laws, government regulations or orders, judicial decisions, summonses or other judicial proceedings, or to inform the authorities or officials with the legal authority to request such information; (iii) when the client gives written consent; or (iv) to the extent that current legislation otherwise permits it.