Aicpa Mutual Recognition Agreement

Jay Hyde, AICPA 202-434-9266 For CAs to benefit from this agreement, they must be a reputable member of the ICAS and have concluded: “It is remarkable that it has taken decades to reach this historic agreement that has a positive impact on the accounting professions of the United States and Scotland. I salute the tremendous effort and perseverance of the staff and volunteers of the respective organizations to conclude this crucial agreement,” said Ken L. Bishop, President and CEO of NASBA. “We appreciate the participation and support of uk FRCs in this endeavour. The relationships developed during this process will serve us well if we work together on future agreements.┬áMedia representatives are invited to visit the AICPA Press Center on “We welcome the mutual recognition that is at the heart of this agreement,” said Barry C. Melancon, President and CEO of AICPA, CPA, CGMA. “There will be a clear and quick way to get a letter of certification in the UK for PPPs. The same applies to ICAO members who have an interest in practising in the United States. Agreements like this are implemented by the commitment of the accounting bodies concerned, by the diligence of the volunteers working in the International Qualifications Appraisal Board and by the commitment of NASBA and the governmental bodies that represent them.

Together, we are building greater international recognition for U.S. CPAs in all parts of the world.┬áMEMBERS of CPA Australia who wish to obtain U.S. CPA filing information through this agreement can visit THE NASBA to obtain specific licensing requirements that will soon be available on their website. “Promoting the interests of members and making a positive contribution to the development of the accounting profession are at the heart of SAICA`s various mutual recognition agreements,” SAICA CEO Freeman Nomvalo said in a statement. “For SAICA, our MMAs are of another strategic importance because they enable us to deliver on one of the institution`s fundamental promises, which is to enable its members to access a world-class profession that enables them to work globally.” Ca Filing Information Holders (SA) may be entitled to obtain a CPA license through the agreement if they are members who give SAICA a good reputation and meet the additional criteria set out by the various government laws and regulations of the U.S. jurisdiction, as they apply to training (including examinations, experience and continuing education). In the meantime, CPAs may be entitled to obtain the C(SA) credentials if they hold a DE CP license as part of a State Board of Accountancy, provided they meet the CPE requirements of their Board of Accountancy and meet additional criteria set out in the sections of the agreement regarding training, examination, experience and CPE criteria. Any professional accounting organization wishing to enter into a mutual agreement with u.-IQAB must submit a letter of intent to nASBA.