Subject Verb Agreement Mcq Exercise

This verb agreement test test verifies your understanding of the use of the correct form of the verb depending on the subject. Sometimes you need a singular verb. Sometimes you need a plural verb. Do you know when to use? Find it with the exercise below. Mathematics – my favorite subject when I was in high school. No one in the classroom is able to answer the question about yesterday`s chord verb. “Furniture” is an innumerable noun and is always followed by a singular verb. For more information, click here. Events taking place in all regions of the world . Q75. He and she are not part of the marriage. Q85. After the messages, the shower takes place.

Ten dollars – not enough to pay for the movie ticket. Q1. The teacher has completed this chapter. After the meeting, he gave a lot of advice. Q65. She and her friends do the exam. Q6. Twenty years – the minimum age to complete this form.

Chris, next to his brother Zack, Saturday`s hockey. Q40. The rule and the minister – it is only by reading the instructions – that you can bring them into the room – Q64. This series of questions – is quite simple. And here`s the lesson, if you want to check: Q25. Politics was one of the issues. Q54. Men – against popular opinion. One of the main solutions to these problems – not to show a reaction to the person in these times. If it is earlier, we will take the last train on time. Q14.

A large number of soldiers died for the country. no one is able to escape the final fence; Death. Q32. The United States of America will soon vote. Q37. Many students – remove this exam. The man I have with with the dean of our faculty. Q. 17) Isn`t that the right answer — all the furniture I bought is now at home instead — all the furniture I bought is at home now, because they refer here to the plural type? Peanut butter and jam – my favorite sandwich. Q93. Many A man suffered during the score. Q61.

All of them have been informed of the incident. You must complete the following quiz to launch this quiz: Q34. There is plenty of room for guests on the premises. Q4. Why the option is right and why not.