Mandatory Grounds Tenancy Agreement

Get help from your next citizen council if you are unsure of the reasons for possession that have been used. Used if the lease is for up to eight months and the property was occupied as a vacation rental in the 12 months prior to the start of the lease. Before or at the beginning of the lease, it is stated in writing that the property can be restarted on the basis of this reason. As a general rule, it is customary to reach the tenant`s address for at least three business days for the section 8 notification. The Section 8 notice expires two weeks or two months after that date, depending on the 17 reasons given. It is only when the Section 8 notification has expired and the matter has not yet been resolved that the owner can apply for a possession order from Her Majesty`s Court and Court (HMCTS). Soil 10 – This reason covers rent arrears that are late below the hours indicated in the mandatory reason 8. This reason also allows, with the court`s consent, to recover the rent out of necessity. The tenant is the person or person to whom the lease was granted, and the landlord was led to grant the lease by a false statement, made knowingly or recklessly – note: If you are served with an eviction notice under Section 21, check to see if the end date is set. It must fall on the last day of your lease, or later. If it offers an appointment earlier than on the lease, the notice is not valid.

If the Section 8 notification is introduced, the lessor must base the decision to apply for a warrant of possession on one or more of the 17 reasons. The court will then decide whether a possession order should be granted on the basis of these grounds. The reasons that can be exploited are set out in Schedule 2 of the Housing Act 1988 (although base 14A can only be used by social bailers). They are divided into compelling and discretionary reasons. Your landlord can use more than one reason for possession if you have rent arrears or if you have paid your rent late. The reasons for the property your landlord may use depend on your situation. Important: Whatever the reason, the landlord can only evict his tenants with the proper legal mechanisms. The lease is not fixed for more than eight months and, on a certain date, in the 12 months prior to the start of the lease, it was occupied for leave. It is unlikely that the owner will have a sufficient vacation job, since he must be entitled to leave and not a general right of occupancy.

Reason 17 – This latter reason was introduced by the Housing Act of 1996 and covers cases where the lease was established on the basis of a knowing misrepresentation by the tenant or by someone acting on its behalf. It is worth mentioning here the importance of a rental application that solicits factual information from the tenant. Joe pays his rent every week and is reimbursed 9 weeks with his rent. Its owner provided him with a section 8 and used properties 8 and 10. The length of termination your landlord must give you depends on the type of rental agreement you have and when he asked you to leave. You should check that your landlord has given you the correct message. If the landlord intends to remain in the property, the parties can benefit from a tenant`s agreement. Tenant contracts are less regulated than other forms of leases and operate as a licence.