Ftc Agreement With Facebook

Comparative comparison does not protect consumers, despite the systematic problems of Facebook collecting and using consumer data, revealed by the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and subsequent investigations into Facebook`s practices. The comparison does not prompt Facebook to repair its business model and practices, which are deeply problematic. Instead, Facebook`s collection, use and sharing of consumer data is not significantly limited or does not require truly independent monitoring of Facebook`s use of personal data. Overall, the comparison is not much different from the 2012 approval order, which proved woefully inadequate as a result of Facebook`s persistent data protection violations between 2012 and today. On March 16, 2018, Facebook admitted the illegal transfer of 50 million user profiles to data analytics company Cambridge Analytica, which used the data without the user`s consent. Cambridge Analytica, which was hired by President Trump`s presidential campaign in 2016, has been able to collect the private information of about 270,000 users and their vast friendship networks under false search pretexts. All users who participated in the survey agreed to collect their data, but were also informed of “academic use.” The third-party app then deleted the data of that user`s friends without their consent or consent and forwarded it to Cambridge Analytica. Facebook then revised the number of affected users to 87 million, making it one of the largest illegal data transmissions in Facebook`s history. Today, we also completed an ongoing investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC said we should have had better lawsuits to ensure that investors disclosed the misuse of data like Cambridge Analytica. The SEC also said that after learning in late 2015 that a developer had transferred data to Cambridge Analytica in violation of our policies, we should have said more about these abuses in our investor revelations.

We share the SEC`s interest in ensuring that we are transparent with our investors about the key risks to which we are exposed, and we have already updated our statements and controls in this area. As part of the comparison with the SEC, we agreed to pay a $100 million fine. It was only this month, and in response to the FTC investigation, that we discovered that our system failures allowed some partners to continue to access data to provide Facebook functionality on their products. Although we have not seen any abuses, the new agreement will help to avoid such risks in the future. We will also pay more attention to how we control abuses, and we will require developers to report on how they use data and comply with our policies. The FTC alleges that Facebook violated the 2012 injunction by deceiving its users when the company shared users` Facebook friends` data with third-party app developers, even though those friends had established more restrictive privacy settings. I was hacked, deceived, hurt and hurt by users who expose on Facebook. I`m a victim. I need to catch these crooks, prosecute them, and lock them up. I want and I need to get my money back and also, for that and all the others compensated.

You sell our information to consumers; they make money from it. Facebook allows users to hack into our accounts and cheat and break our information. I need this to stop. I am harassed over and over again by calling me and hunting. I send a complaint to Facebook techical Support I have nothing of their origin.